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Top 5 Facial Cotton Pads


Top 5 Facial Cotton Pads

Top 5 facial cotton pads to look for when buying facial cotton pads. Best premium cotton pads for makeup removal, applying toner & dead skin removal.

Muji Cotton (Organic & Unbleached)

Feature: Muji unbleached cotton pad is made from soft, long, unbleached cotton fibers.The pads are an off-white color with natural dark specs visible. This is normal for organic unbleached cotton.

Usage: Muji organic cotton best for wicking.

Country origin: Japan

Quantity: 180pcs/sheets


Rating: ★★★★★★

Daiso Cotton Puff

Feature: Daiso Cotton pads are made from 100% pure cotton raw material which is absolutely neutral. The cotton puff has 2 sides soft and absorbent.

Usage: To remove nail polish, saturate it with facial toner or cleansing lotion.

Country origin: Japan

Quantity: 90pcs/sheets per pack.


Rating: ★★★★★

Naris cosmetics Mega Beauty Cotton

Feature: Naris Cosmetic puff made of 100% natural cotton wrapped in a cotton and natural woven silk covering for a smooth non-fibrous surface that will not leave lint and fibers on your skin.
Usage: wiping and tapping. May also be used for point makeup and nail care.
Country origin: Japan

Quantity: 80pcs/sheets per pack.


Rating: ★★★★★

Watsons Non-Woven Facial Puffs

Feature: made of 100% cotton suitable for all types of skin, side sealed facial puffs.
Usage: Best for makeup removal, dead skin removal, & applying toner.
Country origin: China

Quantity: 180pcs/sheets per pack.


Rating: ★★★★

Naruko Facial White Illuminating Cotton Pads

Feature: Naruko cotton pads are dual-side cotton pads feature a textured cotton side that gently exfoliates, and a silk side that softly massages. They are excellent for all skin types and everyday usage.
Usage: manufactured by a unique method provides effective exfoliation to unplug pores and reveals clear and radiant skin that is ready for additional treatment products.
Country: Taiwan
Quantity: 60pcs/sheets per pack.


Rating: ★★★★★★

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