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Hack Your Day : Fast 5 Minutes Routine When You Are Late

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Hack Your Day : Fast 5 Minutes Routine When You Are Late

Dear my beloved readers,

‘Snooze’ and ‘snooze’ your alarm. Need more sleep and look clean before going work?

Here’s how to do your skincare routine in the morning within 5 minutes.


STEP 1: Cleansing

When we wake up, don’t forget to clean your face with gentle facial cleanser. It’s a must to clean your face with cleanser. When you choose cleanser is not only based on pricing. It’s should best suit for your skin. Use Paraben free, SLS free and menthol free cleansing foam, oil, gel, soap as it not causes mild irritation, skin dehydration or tightening. Many of us love to have a lot of creamy bubbles when cleaning. Since we choose a soap-free facial cleanser, there are two secrets from Teddy that you can make creamy Foam bubbles.


  1. Facial bubble foaming making Net

2. Facial Bubble Maker


STEP 2: Use Balancing Toner/Lotion

Balancing Toner/Lotion comes with a water-like texture which can easily absorb into skin after apply on it. It could soothe and balance your skin PH level. The main function of balancing toner/lotion is to increase the absorption of further skin care’s step. Using non-woven cotton pad could easily to apply for your whole face and neck equally without wastage.

Non-woven cotton

STEP 3: Apply Day emulsion/Cream

Day Emulsion/cream could work to fight signs of aging, moisturizing, smooth your skin complexion and tightening pore. Use gentle day emulsion/cream do help to calm sensitive +dry skin. We can choose a fragrance, color, preservatives & alcohol- free as it is the perfect choice for any skin type.

  1. Wear Sunblock  Tips 2: Don’t forget your lips. Protect it with a lip balm with SPF
  2. Tips 3: You can reapply sunscreen with spray. Look properly the direction of use.
  3. Tips 1: Wear sunscreen at least SPF30.
  4. At the most basic UVA, UVB and UVC are the ultraviolet rays that reach the earth from the sun and, as the Skin Cancer Foundation says, UVA and UVB rays cause skin cancer, premature aging, wrinkles, sunburn and even eye damage.
  5. Sunblock is a MUST for protecting us from UVA, UVB & UVC.

There are several types of way to protect us from UV.

Sunscreen spray

Sunscreen Cream

Oral Sunblock*

*Consult with a pharmacist before consume.




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