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How To Be Lazy & Look Clean


How To Be Lazy & Look Clean

Dear my beloved readers,

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Sometimes it’s really lazy when it comes to taking care of your skin.  Or is it?

Lazy People are always going to do something. – Vauvenargues

Here’s how to be lazy & step and step to look clean.


STEP 1: Find Your True Skin

Your gorgeous skin is unique, at first you should determine your skin type. Your skin care, makeup or sunblock can hide your real skin type. Now you can have a closer look on a mirror, start by tear off your mask washing your face. Do not apply any skin care after it. After 20 minutes, see how’s your skin looks.

Oily Skin – Silk feeling & Noticeable Shine ( oil level enough to fry French fries)

Combination Skin – T-zone is oily but cheek and chin are dry areas ( oil level is quite high , enough to fry an egg)

Normal Skin– smooth feeling with not any shine ( friends will keep touching your skin as your skin are too perfect like baby)

Dry Skin – Feel tightened and dehydrated ( the skin is dry as the desert , Sahara ?)

How about sensitive skin? All of us experienced the sensitive condition. We all are sensitive in fact we know or doesn’t know. Our skin affected by environmental factors , health or any unpredictable factors.

STEP 2 – Determine Which Skin Care Type Suit You

Oily Skin

Morning- oil control + skin smoothing & hydrating

Night – oil control +balancing

Combination Skin

Morning- Smoothing and hydrating, oil control on T-zone

Night- Moisturizing

Normal Skin

Morning- antioxidant

Night- Moisturizing

Dry Skin

Morning- Hydrated, antioxidant, moisture

Night- High Moisturizing

For sensitive skin that suffers from mild irritation from skin care should seek help from medical help. I will share more regarding sensitive skin care tips in coming article.

STEP 3  Invest In Your Skin- LAST

To be lazy on taking care of your skin, you should start investing in skin care products. You don’t have to fill it up your whole room with skin care.  Less is more. Start from now choose a skin care brand and loyal to it. Apply skin care day & night in your comfort way. It’s hard not to look clean.

From all of the point here, it’s easy to understand by leverage your laziness , we could easily find the solution for solving and take care our gorgeous skin. Taking gentle care to your skin, dear.


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