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5 Simple Ways Of Improve Your Skin and Sleep Late


5 Simple Ways Of Improve Your Skin and Sleep Late

Dear my beloved readers,

Night owl or an evening person is a person who tends to stay up until late at night. Each of us knows that it is good to sleep early and most of us are really good in convincing ourselves to go bed early. For those sometimes might sleep late, here are some tips that work.


Secret 1: Clean Your Face (MUST)

First, look at the mirror & wash your face with gentle cleanser. After washing your face, you can apply toner on a cotton pad and use it for the whole face. (Don’t forget your neck part). It’s for second times cleaning. Some of the toners might have alcohol. Alcohol actually works well for oily skin. For those who use alcohol that less than 5 percent usually it doesn’t have some smell. Alcohol is good as it can reduce the usage of preservative & kill the germ. As long as it not dry and tightened your skin it still can be used. Nowadays there are many alternatives for replacing alcohol ingredients based toner. High content alcohol is a big NO for dry skin & sensitive skin. Any skin type is adviced to use hyaluronic acid based toner.

Secret 2: You need moisturizing & hydrating

To maximize your skin like a baby skin, we need help from moisturizer or night cream to moisturize and hydrate skin. It feels like firefighter splash water on our face after using it. For some of us that might afford mask sheet could use it twice a week to keep moisture level of your skin. Oily skin, normal skin, and acne prone skin can use cleaning mask to reduce oil, tightening pore and balancing your PH level of your skin.

Secret 3: Detox

It’s time to detox dear! When we overnight, our liver overworked and overloaded. Drink green tea can helps stimulate the liver. When you wake up next morning, lemon/limes which high in vitamins c which can help flush out the toxins.

Secret 4: Supplements

Vitamin C + Collagen + Multivitamin is some of Teddy’s secret to restart the engine to be more energized to start a new day. Regarding Collagen, Teddy will share more on choosing the best collagen in coming article.

Secret 5: Say NO to be a Panda

Don’t be a panda unless you want to replace panda in our National Zoo. Panda needs high maintenance. Oops, I means our eyes. Please use eye cream/gel to get rid of the tired look of eyes. Being night owls and panda at the same time is not a good idea. A good eye cream can help reduce puffiness and dark eye circle. Happy trying, dear!


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