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5 Popular Skin Care Myths You Should Not Believe


5 Popular Skin Care Myths You Should Not Believe

How many of skin care myths do you believe? Let’s discover together the truth.


1. Using Whitening mask every day can whitening skin/spot

We might hear before that using a mask every day could have better skin. Using mask sheet every day might moisture your skin but it does not suit for everyone’s skin. There are the different type of mask on the market that we must use it wisely. Some of the dermatologists advised that the mask with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and others can be used every day but the mask that labeled “anti-aging” which contain glycolic acid might cause irritation on your skin. The functioning mask such as whitening mask using twice a week is pretty good. The best for whitening is doing sunscreen and moisturizing your skin, day by day you will see the amazing result with your effort.

2. Change Skincare too frequently

Many of us might see there’s a lot of advertisement on Facebook or on your WEchat moment. Some of us can’t stop buying until we might use it once only after can’t saw significant results for a few week. When we change our skin care too often, your skin might irritate or experienced redness. Our skin needs 28 days to renew and replace dead skin cells with the new one but this only works if we practice good skin care routine. Previously in the article ‘How to be lazy and look clean’, – stay loyal to a brand that most suit your skin.

3. I’m naturally tan, so I don’t need sunscreen

 Sunscreen seems like use only when you are going to beach and water theme park or Sunscreen?

‘I am so lazy to apply except go to beach or water theme park’

If you are one of them, please do comment below. I will ask Sun to dry some of you like a tomato stand there to make a shaded area for you. It’s better all of you use sunscreen otherwise I need to be Naruto Jutsu mode to cover all of you. Do we really need it? Sunscreen is like a curtain which filters sunlight. Sunscreen contains zinc or titanium dioxide which reflects rays before they reach our skin. Sunscreen looks good on you. Don’t let the sun set on your skin.

4. Only medical treatment can heal but anti-aging product useless

There is a facial treatment that can change your skin from charcoal look to pearl shine look. Some of the anti-aging products do works when you are using it as your skincare routine. Some of the big brands of an anti-aging brand will slowly improve your skin texture, elasticity inside out. It might take sometimes and the price normally is higher. There is some ‘magic skin care’ comes at a cheaper price and amazing fastest result but comes with ‘tomato face’ in the end. (sensitive & redness) Which one would we prefer? Post-treatment after any treatment is the best way to keep your gorgeous skin younger as 18 years old.

5. Using collagen based cream enough to tighten face Skin

Collagen in the skin is a protein which provides firmness and elasticity of our skin. The collagen-based cream has a big molecule that can’t penetrate into our skin. There is another alternative to tighten our skin. In natural ways, there is some food that can boost collagen in our body such as tuna & salmon. For vegetarian, veggies like cucumber, spinach ( Popeye’s food ), celery and others do boost collagen in a natural way. By consuming hydrolyzed collagen which has a smaller molecule that easily absorbed into our body. Collagen does help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


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