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5 Best Affordable Mask That Suit Every Skin Type


5 Best Affordable Mask That Suit Every Skin Type


Origin : Republic of Korea

Review : Natural Moisture Factor (N.M.F) , witch hazel water and hyaluronic gives rich hydration to skin after apply it. It’s provide my tired skin with elasticity after 2-3 times a week.

Best for : Purify pores ,increase moisture & tighten face line

Official website :


Origin : Republic of Korea

Review: SNP cosmetics firstly was developed by dermatologists. This mask is the best for treating sensitive skin and soothing. Its giving best skin condition when I’m continuously use for once a week.

Best for : intensive moisture protect, increase elasticity

Official website :



Origin : Taiwan

Review: Taiwan always be the top best selling in Mask Sheet category in most ranking in Asia. Neogence always be one of my favourite brand as they are paraben free, MCI free, heavy metal free, dye free, fragrance free , and no animal testing. Unfortunately it is not free.

Best for : smoothest dry line, reduces dryness and peel, moistures skin

Official website :


Origin : Malaysia

Review: B.liv is the leading brand in pores management solution. Proper pores management is the first step to flawless looking skin. This mask contains cogongrass extract that can deeply moisturizes skin. For those having large pores could check their other product range.

Best for : dry to very dehydrated skin, deeply moisturizes skin

Official website :

Dr. Morita


Origin : Taiwan

Review: Dr Morita provide solutions to the skin which include hydrating, whitening, repairing, soothing and firming. There are many series to choose from. The new mask can give the skin a double effect of hydrating and water retention, keeping the skin soft and supple for 30 hours long.

Best for : minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Official website :

You could find all of this mask at Guardian , Watson, Sasa or any pharmacy store.

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